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Swam the ‘swim to fight cancer’ route in Haarlem

And suddenly it’s 15th of September and you realize you haven’t trained enough to be mentally comfortable in the water for the start of a 4K swim in the canals the next day.

This event is organized to raise money for cancer research. It was held 2 years ago for the first time and it was 5K then instead of 4K now. The swim goes through the canals of my hometown in Haarlem where normally swimming is not allowed. The 3 months before the first event I swam an average of 5000 meters per week and now it was not more then 2600 meters a week! 3 swims a week June was a nice start but work, weddings, holiday, stag nights took the cadence out of training.

The event was a huge success raising almost half a million euro’s. Maarten van der Weijden’s heroic swim made swimming for the good cause very popular!

I finished the 4K in 1:12, coming in tenth of the 45 swimmers. My pace was just a second slower then 2 years ago! Pretty happy with that. The 750m swim of the duo sprint next Sunday will be easy…

A video :


STFC Aftermovie Haarlem 2018 from bijkerfilmtv on Vimeo.

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