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From just getting rid of extra energy to triathlon junkie

Well, that’s where it all starts, right? This one day that you decide to get off that couch and start doing some healthy excercise. We have January 1st to start our New Year’s resolutions and really do better in the new year!

At least, that’s how it went in my case. Around Christmas 2015 I decided I had to figure out how to get rid of the extra physical energy I had. It caused me bad nights rest because my body just wasn’t ready to go and rest yet. So how to fix this? Doing sports was the first thing that crossed my mind, but no team sports. I got plenty of bad experiences with those during my middle school years. Oh and it must be cheap too and I don’t want to end up in a sweaty and hot gym. Nope, I chose to start with running. A sport that can be cheap and can be done wherever you want. Just step outside and start!

How quickly this turned into triathlon‚Ķ I still can’t believe that. When I heard of the sport for the first time, I declared everyone crazy and incredible at the same time. Not just running, but also swimming and cycling. And no breaks in between! Must be really expensive and really difficult. And still in the same year of 2016, when I started with my very first run on January 1st, I ended up trying my first 1/8 triathlon. And well, as every triathlete may know: once you’ve done your first, you can’t stop yourself from doing more! Dreams and goals start to pop up. For some it’s Kona, for others it’s a certain distance or raising money for charity.

My dream goal? It’s earning the (unofficial) title of Triple Dutch, without a doubt. Three full distance triathlons in one season, all in my home country. That’s where I’m going for, for now that’s my biggest dream as an amateur triathlon junkie. And with my first successfull finish of the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam half distance triathlon just two week ago, I’ve made some important steps forward on the rocky road that lies ahead.

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