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‘Race’ Report on Sprint distance as a duo…

This weekend was my first and only race this season and it is not even a complete race. Due to lack of fitness and the slow build up I decided not to run and participate as a duo in the sprint distance. The running would be done Klaas, my best mate and a seriously good athlete!

Two days before the event I wanted to remove the Stages crank arm for maintenance which ended up in disaster. One of the screws did not come of and me and the LBS ended up drilling it. This ruined the arm and now I am hoping for some solid support from Stages.

Weather forecast was horrible for Sunday, storm and rain was predicted but waking up the weather was (still) calm. Stepping into the car dropped my Iphone on the street resulting in a crack in the screen. Nice start!

When I got in the water before the start it was already raining. No problem, just a quick swim and a really short ride. Last week did a decent 1:12 on 4KM so what could go wrong? Well a lot actually; after 300m in the swim I felt my heart rate was going through the roof. I took this sprinting thing to seriously; going out at 1:12/ 100m is not very smart. My CSS is 1:42. I felt some panic I never felt before. Even though there were not a lot of people in the water close to me. Managed to get an average of 1:46/100m whis is slower then my speed doing a 70.3!

Out of the water T1 was ok but really cold in just a trisuit. Jumping on the bike my saddle flipped a bit backwards so had to stop and get it straight. Not cool.

The first kilometers of the bike had some narrow corners at the end of a small hill. Braking, carbon wheels and pouring rain are also not cool. This was not helping at all getting my heart rate back to normal levels. after a few kilometers things settled and I was able to get some good speed averaging 36KM/h.

Getting back in T2 I got of my bike and tore a hole in my trisuit on the BTS bottle holder. Pfff, again not cool!

Ran to Klaas to give him the chip and of he went. No problems for him! He ran the 5KM in 20:34! That is seriously fast. Place 6 of the 18 trio’s/ duo’s. 4 minutes behind number 3…

All in all it was good to feel some race tension but the ‘panic’ in the water and the breaking on the bike didn’t make it a good race or allowed me to perform at my best.


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