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Milestone pod review

Running… that last sport in a triathlon. That sport I like the least or hate the most, depending on the level of breakdown I am experiencing. So if there is gear to be bought to help me here I am in! I bought the Milestone pod myself for this review. Tri to improve is just not big enough that we get sent stuff for review… Ordered it online for 30 EUR.

I am 1:94M and my cadence with running is pretty poor: 152. Really poor not even pretty poor. This data comes form the Garmin running heart rate strap and the Fenix 3. There is more data from this strap that I never look at.  May be once in a while I look at the balance between left and right and that’s it. So no being injury free any help in improving my run efficiency during build up is welcome.

Installing the pod is easy so is connecting the app. What does it measure?

  • pace
  • foot strike
  • cadence
  • ground contact
  • rate of impact
  • stride length
  • leg swing
  • run efficiency (based on the measured metrics above)

How does it compare to the Garmin data? In my last 4 runs the data looks more or less the same. No shocking differences. Any extra insights then? The pod is able to measure heel/mid/fore foot striking. Where I thought I was at least a mid foot striker I am 100% heel striking according to the Milestone pod. Another insight is that on average I have a low rate of impact, which is good. (Rate of impact: how quickly force is transferred from the ground to your legs). Garmin also can’t measure leg swing, which in my case is average.

There is also the graph view once you have completed more then 5 runs which gives a good overview of the progress you make. I think this is where the pod is easier then the Garmin connect data. Apparently they will also give you tips via email on how to improve stride length and cadence but have not seen anything so far.

So if you do not have the Garmin running heart strap it is a great device for additional insights. If it will help me to improve my running is to be seen on the long run (sic). Also it will be really good for data that you want to capture on the treadmill. I will be accurate and provide the same metrics as you are running outside. Another cool thing is that you can connect it to Zwift in real time. So you either run outside with the Zwift app open or indoors on the treadmill. Zwift bought the Milestone pod company. Have not tried that yet but will do that soon and update this article with it as well compare it to the Stryd.




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