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After-Tri Depression

Initially I thought after the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, my triathlon season for this year would be over. Luckily I still had a little dessert with an 1/16 triathlon for companies in the district of Hoogeveen. That was definitely a blast! I won in the females category with the runner-up 3 seconds behind and the third place with just 5 seconds behind. Talking about exciting!

But after that race, I knew the season definitely came to an end. So now what? I already found goals to work towards to for next year. And still I couldn’t get back into that training rhythm I had been into for months. After the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. I took major rest and ended up doing almost nothing, except for one swim, bike and running training to get that feeling back for the 1/16 triathlon in Hoogeveen.

I really missed the schedules my coaches send me every now and then. In my mind I was willing to train from time to time, but actually I never got out to train. Is it that famous after-triathlon depression? Having worked and performed for such a long time? And now with the days getting shorter and temperatures dropping, how do we find the will to train or the strength to push ourselves to do that one training we actually don’t want to do?

One thing always helped me : Seeing others train and reaching their goals. Whenever I would see a training appear on social media, I just tell myself to not chicken out today on training and just get out and have some fun. Just put in some activating upbeat music and get off that couch! It’s just that getting out part that’s really difficult (for me), once you’ve started, you roll right back into where you left last time. Except for that one training that just doesn’t seem to work out for some reason, of course.

Up and until now I just had one week of training that went well. Yes, the schedules have finally started again and I was really excited to see them! And then, it just snapped into my private life and I’m back at square one of trying to get out of this (training) depression. The ‘dark season’ is long… But so is the chance to get ourselves back up and going again.

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