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Like flying coach for 3 months

Ironman world-record holder Tim Don is in his best shape preparing for Kona. Just 2 days before the race he is hit by a van and brakes his neck. This week a short documentary was released on youtube: The man with the Halo.

The documentary shows how he chooses a medieval torture device over surgery to have the best chance of recovery and do his job: being an triathlete. He literally get screwed. Screws in his skull to be precise. This guy is pretty though, not being able to move his head for 3 months and have screws in your head is like ‘flying coach for 3 months’. You then get to see that he picks up training pretty soon and decides to enter the Boston marathon, 6 months after his accident!

Amazing insight into the mind of a world class athlete. My butt/ lower back injury is so amateur!


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