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Strava Stress; the results are in!

I work in online advertising where data is one of the most important things. Ever since I started cycling years ago I kept records, first Runkeeper then Strava followed by Trainingpeaks. Where Strava is the more social sports platform I was wondering how people were using Strava and if they felt any stress (like there is on other social platforms). So I built a very simple questionnaire and asked members of my triathlon club and a Facebook group if they could fill it out. The link is here, somehow I managed to mess the questions up after editing it for English.

  1. Do you put all your activities on Strava?
    • It didn’t happen if it is not on Strava: 88%
    • No, I value my privacy: 10%
    • No I am to slow for Strava: 2%
  2. After the activity do you always check immediately for KOM’s and PR’s?
    • Never 26%
    • Yes, if I have been specifically KOM hunting 26%
    • What is a KOM? 12%
    • Yes, but only if I had a back wind 11%
    • Yes, miscellaneous 25%
  3. How important are Kudo’s?
    • Never pay attention 61%
    • I live for Kudo’s 38%
    • I never get Kudo’s 1%
  4. Do you give Kudo’s yourself?
    • Yes, to everybody I follow 53%
    • When I see a fantastic effort 36%
    • Only to people who return the favor 11%
  5. Other people’s activities are:
    • Motivating 79%
    • Realitycheck 13%
    • Discouraging 5%
    • Enviable 3%
  6. Strava for you is a:
    • social sports platform 31%
    • trainingsplatform 23%
    • both 46%
  7. You use (multiple answers possible):
    • Strava Free 84%
    • Garmin Connect 47%
    • Strava Paid 17%
    • Trainingpeaks 13%
    • Runkeeper 4%
    • Polar flow 2%
    • others (10 different answers)

What do you think of these results? Almost 90% of the total 126 respondents put their stuff on Strava but after that the use and intention seem to vary. I feel sorry for that one person that never gets kudo’s ;-). One important thing for me to understand is wether people are motivated or not by Strava; only 4% consider other people activities as discouraging.

Since I am injured I hardly look at Strava, it hurts to much, not the injury… When I was preparing for 70.3 Challenge Mallorca I was part of a group so we could see each others progress. Some were motivated some actually quit Strava because they got nervous.



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