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Hi I am Sandra & Triathlon is addictive

One year ago I became a member of a team that the triathlon brand Aptonia was going to launch in Decathlon The Netherlands. Because of that I felt in love with this sport (again). And yes; triathlon is addictive! 


Years ago I did a 1/8 triathlon. Without a training and good gear I participated my first triathlon. Last out of the water, I almost got lost during cycling and running almost killed me haha. These were my first experiences with triathlon. I loved the combination of these three sports.


Decathlon has a own brand now. Aptonia! Together with other decathletes from The Netherlands we started this project. A great challange for us. The last triathlon of the season; The Bosbaan triathlon 2017 was my first triathlon since ages. Now I had the good gear; Aptonia’s gear ;). Not a perfect time, but that great feeling I had during my finish was amazing. That’s how my addiction started again. Meawhile I did some more sprints. I even paricipated in one in France. A sponsored ne by Aptonia. Great to share that with my collegues from the headquarters.

Now more than a year later I am the productrainer & national sport leader. As a producttrainer I teach everyone in the Netherlands all they have to know about our triathlon products. So they have the knowledge to share that with our costumers. And since two weeks now I am the national sportsleader as well. That means I help the stores by choosing the right products for their store, and let the sport grow in their region.


I am happy I can share my passion for this sport with my husband (Patrick) and a good friend. I met my friend Rosyta at one of my spinnclasses. Read and see more here about our special story and training together for a sprint triatlon. And yes, she’s addicted as well and subscribed for the HD next year! Boom!

That triathlon I trained for with Rosyta was also my husbands first one. And I warned him; “Triathlon is addictive”. And I was right ;). We both subscribed to the HD at Challenge Almere-Amsterdam next year. So let me take you with me during our preperation for that. I will share my succes AND failures. I will share everything you would like to know about preparing for a HD triathlon; 1,9 swimming – 90 cycling – 21,2 running! Also follow me at Instagram; San4Tryathlon

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